FAQs & How to Use


Why is my Nappy leaking wee? Do they need an insert?

A. No they are good to use as they are, no inserts or nappies are required underneath. As for any swimming nappies, whether reusable or disposable- they are not designed to hold liquid/ wee otherwise they would also absorb the water in which they were swimming and in turn this would drag them down and not hold any solids (which they are merely designed to do).

Q. What are the 9 studs on the front for?

A. They can be a little confusing so i hope this helps!...

If they are fastened around the waist on the last / smallest setting they will be on the studs closest to the logo (the logo sits at the back). As baby grows, move each side to the middle setting and then the last stage (just make sure they are even on both sides!).  Then at the front, the 9 studs change the height of the swim nappy...to make the nappy the shortest in height you will need to fasten the top and bottom row together. And as they grow, fasten the top and middle row and if they get so tall or need extra space then leave it fully open at the front.


Q. Are reusable swim nappies easy to clean?

A. Yessss! Our Swim nappies are super easy to clean! If your little one has a number 2 while wearing one, just knock out the solids or use a wipe to get the majority off then hand wash or pop in the washing machine on a 30 degree cycle with non-bio detergent (but NO softener)...and line dry in the shade.


Q. The tracking link isn't working?

A. Please allow 24 hrs for the tracking to be updated by Aus Post, thank you!


Kind regards,

Sarah-Jane 🧡